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In today’s economic times, the prototypical bad guy is harder to recognize.  Today's threat is not confined to the image of a deranged individual or an overzealous fan. He or she may be the person next door who lost a job, and along with it the capacity to feed the family. He or she may be the seemingly harmless stranger profiling you in the airport, hotel or restaurant. Today’s bad guy is calculating and equipped to do harm to the unsuspecting and ill prepared.     


Executives are considered easy targets because often they inadequately prepare to mitigate their own personal safety risks.  Personal risk mitigation training is serious business that executives should make part of their ongoing calendars activities. 


Bad guys are honing their criminal element skills every day. In contrast, executives are usually focused on critical issues such as meeting customer demands, driving company initiatives, and growing marketshare.  Your life or family’s well-being may depend on changing that pyridine. Panther Protection Services helps business executives enhance their self-defense IQ and build situational awareness and protection skills that are essential to minimizing personal security risks. 


With situational awareness and self-defense instruction from Panther Protection Services, executives and corporate travelers are better prepared to handle unforeseen personal security threats.  Our threat avoidance training is designed to lessen an executive’s potential for being targeted and maximizing the opportunity for surviving an assault.

For executives conducting business domestically or abroad, Panther Protection Services is a resource that delivers special coaching with the objective of showing how to stop an assault and move from harm’s way.  Our defense concepts are simple yet effective- which make application easier under stress. They are strength, size and gender neutral. Founded on the tried and true elements of traditional martial arts techniques; our training centers on balance disruption, body mechanics and vital strike areas – the highly sensitive parts of the body that are vulnerable no matter the size and strength of the potential attacker.


You are your company’s and your family’s greatest asset. Make an executive decision to enroll or sponsor a ‘Travel Smart’ session today!

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