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Having traveled across the US and being blessed to have worked on five continents around the world; I have seen some of the best the country and the world has to offer as well as the worst.  In some of the more security challenged environments, I understand firsthand the sensation of feeling exposed, whether in the US or abroad. Unfortunately, the world does not appear to be getting any safer any time soon, but business and life must go on. 

Whether you're a senior officer of a major restaurant chain looking to enhance your restaurant's employee or property security; an elected official out on the campaign trail; an entertainer or a single mom you deserve the opportunity to live your life, serve your constituents or customers and love your family without fear or concern. 

At Panther Protection Services, we help give you peace of mind whether you are going around the corner or around the world. We can provide you protective services or teach you how to become your own first line of defense!To our existing clients we would like to say thank you for trusting in us. To our prospective clients we would welcome the opportunity to serve you. 

Mark  "Six" James
Executive Director/Founder
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