An Agent and An Author

Mark “Six” James is the Founder and Executive Director of Panther Protection  Services, LLC he is a seasoned Close Protection Operator/Executive Protection Specialist with over 30 years of firearms, martial arts and celebrity/executive protection experience.

He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Deepwater Security, a member of the British Bodyguard Association, North American Bodyguard Association, The Summit Group, The Academy of High Threat Protective Studies, Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board (ATAB), honor graduate of the International Academy of Executive Protection Agents, recipient of the prestigious Golden Gun Award, honor graduate of ICON Services Celebrity and VIP Training and Advanced Executive Protection Course, International Close Quarters Protection Operators Association, International Association of Close Quarter Combat Specialist, International Defensive Pistol Association, Greater Atlanta Defensive Pistol Association, Kuroshi-Do Martial Arts Hall of Fame, the Sikaron Karate Federation where he holds the rank of 3rd Dan and the Kenpotaijeetsu RB MMA where he also holds the rank of 3rd Dan. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Relations from Florida A&M University.

He got started in the security and protection business by providing firearms training to legislators, judicial members and a number of business executives.  He later became the Chief Security Officer and Personal Bodyguard for many of those same clients.  He has performed protective services in over thirty-five (35) countries across five (5) continents and regularly protects government officials, corporate executives, entertainers as well as professional athletes.    As a Firearms and Combatives instructor he provides Firearms and Combatives training to a number of  bodyguard  training academies, security companies, executive protection agencies, law enforcement officers as well as private citizens.


He is an internationally published author, keynote speaker, security consultant to educational institutions and frequent contributor to  a number of  print, broadcast and online media, and the author of a number of security, firearm and protection publications.

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