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Through our training division Panther University our goal is to make our students instructor independent vs. instructor dependent.  We realize training exposes you to concepts but only practice builds skills.  Therefore as instructors we feel it is our responsibility to help ground you in strong fundamentals.  Colonel Jeff Cooper said it best, "Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands."  Thus we help you enhance your protective IQ by focusing on enhancing your situational awarenss and threat avoidance skills. 

When threat avoidance no longer is available and physical contact becomes inevitable we believe in simple, gross motor skill driven techniques that can withstand the stress of a violent physical assault or deadly force encounter.

Since our instructors are combative specialist trained in both martial arts and firearms, we help you build an integrated fighting system.     We believe simpler is better.  We don’t substitute tricks for tactics. Our goal is to provide you with a solid platform in which to build your skills.  It is often said that self-defense is about a mindset, however the mindset without practical defensive skills is a hallucination.  We help provide you the training to become your own first line of defense.





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Training Calendar

Outside the Body Carry
The Evolution of Bag Guns
Stoddard's Range and Guns
Atlanta, GA

Dominating the Dark
The Essentials of Low Light Fighting
Handgun Class
Stoddard's Range and Guns
Atlanta, GA

7/23 - 7/25/2021
Celebrity Protection Course
Grand Junction, CO

Urban Carbine
Stoddard's Range and Guns
Atlanta, GA

8/9 - 8/15/2021
ICON Advanced Executive Protection
Raleigh, NC