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In today's economic times the face of adversity has never looked so common. The prototypical bad guy is no longer a person who doesn't look like us or live among us. Today's threat is not confined to the image of a deranged individual or the overzealous fan but may as well be the person next door who has lost their job with a family of four who hasn't eaten in three days. One thing is true however they are unpredictable.  They are often smart, calculated may be evil or just plain desperate. One common denominator is they are highly motivated.   Unfortunately, most people are ill-trained to deal with such a confrontation.


Panther Protection Services, LLC is a full service protection agency performing threat assessments, risk and crisis mitigation, protective services, self-defense training, and firearms instruction.  We understand the distinction between protecting people and protecting property.  Our primary focus is on effective, discreet client protection-- thus our motto “swift but silent.” Our team members are disciplined, dedicated professionals who possess the most important personal protection skill – threat avoidance. 


Our goal is personal risk mitigation for our clients, while enhancing their ability to function safely within their business and social environments. Our commitment is to deploying protection of the highest industry standard on all assignments.

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