Common Sense Self-Defense

Self-defense is not a sport or an exercise video, it is a way to protect you and potentially survive an unwelcomed encounter.  Most women who are  attacked are not prepared to defend themselves.  Our instruction is designed to give you the basic skills and confidence to stay safe and alive in the case of an attack.  The main objective is to stop the assault and get away.

According to Bureau of Justice statistics:


  • Females are generally murdered by people they know. In 64% of female homicide cases, females were killed by a family member or intimate partner:

    • -24% of female homicide victims were killed by a spouse or former spouse.

    • -21% were killed by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

    • -19% were killed by another family member.

    • -25% of females were killed by others they knew.

  • Females made up 70% of victims killed by an intimate partner.

  • Females were killed by intimate partners at twice the rate of males.

  • Black female victims of intimate partner homicide were twice as likely as white female homicide victims to be killed by a spouse.

  • Black females were four times more likely than white females to be murdered by a boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • 1 in 5 college women will be raped over a 5 year college career. 18% of women will be raped over the course of their lifetime.


Our defense concepts are simple and focus on the tried and true elements of traditional martial arts training;  attack the weaker parts of the aggressor's body with the stronger parts of yours.   Our defense strategies are strength, size and gender neutral.  The main focus of our training centers on vital strike areas (eyes, nose, ears, throat, groin, solar plexus etc.) – These are highly sensitive parts of the body that remain vulnerable no matter the size and strength of the potential attacker.     

Common Sense Self-Defense:

• Avoiding an Abduction

• Basic and Intermediate self-defense skills (strikes, escapes, improvised weapons and verbal commands)

• Characteristics of an attacker

• Characteristics of a victim

• Strategies to decrease the odds of you being attacked

• Strategies to increase your odds of survival if you are attacked

• Understanding the Perpetrator


Risk reduction is like self esteem, it doesn’t require anyone’s permission but yours.  Take control.  Empower yourself, confidence is sexy!