Angel by Panther Protection Services

Everyone benefits when each member of a community has hope for leading a safe, productive life. Our collective community is deprived of talent and service contributions when women are robbed of the personal security needed to work, attend school, give care to loved ones, or develop special talents. That’s why Panther Protection Services is creating partnerships with public entities, non-profits, and corporations to surround battered and abused women with a powerful resource: training and vital information about situational awareness and self-defense techniques for women. 

We deliver training and vital education customized for women in protective shelters. We believe working together to provide training and information that meets the unique needs of abused women can help reduce the cycle of abuse against women. Our partnerships make it possible for women in shelters to access training at no cost to them. Everyone benefits.  At Panther Protection Services, we call this our Angel effect and it’s our way of giving back.


Self-help through enhanced personal protection can be an effective component of longer term solutions against rape, abuse, and battering of women. As protection specialists, our strategies begin with teaching women in shelters how to recognize behaviors that can readily turn into a physical assault. We train women on defensive tactics such as how to escape chokes, how to increase chances of surviving attack by an armed aggressor, and how to prepare for a safe escape when faced with threats in the future.


Panther Protection Services applauds the accomplishments of women’s shelters and sponsored programs that nurture abused women’s ability to lead safe, productive lives.  Those organizations grant hope to families and communities for better tomorrows. We serve as a resource for them and others that invest in protecting women against abuse. In concert with partners we gift battered women with vital training.  This is Angel, by Panther Protection Services.